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Posted by gingerliu on March 4, 2009



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Turning Hollywood Ginger

Posted by gingerliu on December 17, 2008

Ginger Media & Entertainment

“I Really Want To Direct”

I Really Want To Direct Social Network

Thank you for expressing an interest in our new 2009 Blog/Mag, Webisode and Reality TV series. There are three parts to the interview process. Initial interviews will appear on the Blog/Mag as a syndicated Q&A diary series. Everyone who interviews will appear on the Blog/Mag. We want you to discuss what you do on an average workday and to cover just ONE day in diary form. This can begin from the moment you arrive at work, e.g. 10.10am, and noting down what you did until you finish for the day. Please pick a day that would best describe your career and significance within this amazingly creative industry of ours. We want to know the obscure, we want to know the good times and bad. We want to know a typical day in the life of you, whether you’re a hotshot producer or a hotshot caterer. Don’t hold back on Jargon and please promote yourself and your work.

“I Really Want To Direct” is a celebration of the film industry and of all the components that go into making a movie, from idea to distribution. We will interview directors, producers, actors, production assistants, sound mixers, casting agents and assistants, distributors, teamsters, everyone involved in making movies, EVERYONE. We want the horror stories, we want the passion, and we want the details.

Those who wish to move on to the next stage, from Blog/Mag Q&A to Webisode, have that option. And finally, for the Reality TV series, please state your interest in this level and why. We are looking for personalities. You will not be penalized if you prefer to go no further than the Blog/Mag Q&A. We will publish ALL interviews on our Blog/Mag, regardless of your interest in the series. We hope that you can share your life; a day in the life of the wonderful work you do. You will receive full publicity on our website/blog and you will remain in our online archives.

So now we will push forward with the first stage and your Q&A interview and diary of the day. Please supply a photograph of you at work and a compelling and well-written bio in your introductory Q&A. And please state if you do indeed “Really Want To Direct.” Humor is very much appreciated.

We look forward to sharing your stories with the world; promoting and entertaining along the way.

Our website/blog is under construction until January 2009. Please check me out on Linkedin.

Now you’ve read about us. If you wish to take part, let us know by returning this email with a brief note and we will send you the Q&A.

With best wishes,

Ginger Liu

Owner/Producer of Ginger Media & Entertainment

“I Really Want To Direct”

“LA From the Apartment the Size of My Ass”

“Turning Hollywood Ginger”

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Ginger Media & Entertainment

Posted by gingerliu on December 11, 2008

Ginger Media & Entertainment


I Really Want To Direct is a new webisode and reality TV series about the heroes and the unsung heroes of the film industry and follows a day in the life of each and every job in the moving pictures. I Really Want To Direct is produced by Ginger Media & Entertainment. Please contact Ginger Liu for further information.

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